What is a treadmill?

What is a treadmill?

What is a treadmill?

To help you get a better idea of the fitness equipment you’re about to acquire, we’ll first take the trouble to define what a treadmill actually is.

To go in the simplest way possible, we will say that the treadmill is any device that we use to walk and run on a horizontal and / or oblique surface while remaining in the same place.

As you can see, this type of device simulates real walking and running conditions while saving us the trouble of moving from one place to another. That said, it goes deeper than that. Such a sports device also makes us benefit from all the benefits related to the practice of walking or running in real conditions. But how to recognize it among a multitude of other cardio machines?

What do you recognize a treadmill for?

Easy, of all the fitness and cardio weight machines, it is the only one that has a tread. If you’re wondering what it is, it’s actually the surface the user runs on while exercising.

To make this possible, manufacturers have integrated an electric motor into this great racing device. Its role is to rotate the carpet backwards, that is to say in the direction of the user so that the latter, so as not to be ejected from the latter, walks or runs depending on the speed of rotation of the tread.

Speaking of speed, you have the latitude to adjust it at will even in the middle of a race. What we particularly like about this device is its great ease of use. Not to mention that its practice is not conditioned by the age or weight of its user. Therefore, anyone can practice walking or running using this device.

If until then you do not yet see why you should get one, we suggest you read the next section of this comparison, test and opinion on the best treadmill.

Why opt for a treadmill?


Did you know that the practice of physical activity is a prerequisite for keeping fit and being healthy? We often hear that there is nothing better than a jog in the mornings in the streets of his neighborhood to start his day.

Let us tell you, that’s not entirely true. Users of this sports equipment will confirm it, this device offers you possibilities that you will never have by practicing walking or jogging outside. In addition to these possibilities, there are several advantages related to its use. Each of these points is precisely as many reasons for you to opt for a treadmill.

A treadmill, to achieve your sports goals

Yes, the treadmill is a great option when you train to walk or run in order to achieve a given goal. Regardless of it and whether or not you are a professional athlete, it is possible that it adapts to the use you intend to make of it and that it also helps you to get the most out of it. At least that’s what our test of the best treadmill reveals.

An effective device for occasional use

Whether for rehabilitation or gentle fitness, you can opt for a treadmill with peace of mind. With such a device, you will be able to exercise for a few minutes on a daily basis. You will save time, indeed, by taking your little walk at home every morning before getting ready for work.

Taking into account your desire to simply keep you fit and healthy, we can tell you that getting you a device with very advanced motor performance, and therefore expensive to buy, is not necessary. What we suggest you do is to focus on your comfort of use to make your various exercise sessions as pleasant as possible.

You must know how to deal with your body that you want to get used again to certain sports activities including walking. To tell you the truth, the ideal is to go slowly at the beginning and gradually increase the pace so as not to annihilate all the efforts you make to progress.

It goes without saying that if your goal is going to change or evolve, you will have to turn to a device that will be able to follow you in your progress through these different training programs. Indeed, as we have even learned by making this comparator of the best treadmills, not all treadmills offer the same possibilities. Having a treadmill at home is exactly like having a personal trainer at your disposal.

A perfect device for regular use

Do you train several minutes a day in brisk walking and jogging to maintain your excellent physical shape and you wonder if a treadmill will be able to keep up with you? Know that there is no reason why such a device should not succeed. There are indeed models of treadmills adapted to the regular use you want to make.

Indeed, with such devices, you can easily, and at any time of the day, perform your brisk walk and / or jog. Such devices are equipped with powerful motors that can track your walking or running speed without any difficulty. They will necessarily live up to your expectations. Let’s not forget that this is still one of the best Fitness Cardio Bodybuilding machines on the market.

The best for intensive training

If you train every day and intensively on the streets of your city in order to develop your endurance level and improve your running performance, know that you will get there much faster and easier by getting a treadmill.

The advantage with such a device is that with the different intense training programs it contains, it can easily follow you and help you progress very quickly. Believe our test of the best treadmill.

You will find commercially a variety of treadmill models. The most suitable for your purpose are equipped with treads compatible with any stride. Their tilting system will be particularly useful for changing terrain and raising the level of difficulty according to your physical condition. Your training will therefore be all the more effective.

Do not be afraid even by using them for long periods of time and very intensely, you will not damage them. Since they were designed to meet this type of need. But what are the advantages of using treadmills?

The benefits and benefits of using a treadmill

The list of benefits we have in using the treadmill to train for walking or running is long. Here are some of those benefits.

The treadmill, convenient for walking or running anytime


The weather outside the house does not always allow you to go out to practice walking or running. Similarly, finding each time the itinerary suitable for the goal we have set ourselves is not always easy.

Most often, we have no choice but to settle for a walk or a run on the type of terrain we have in the vicinity of our house. The only downside is that this one is not available all the time either. What to do then?

The many opinions on the best treadmill given by users of such devices are unanimous on the answer to this question. In such circumstances, the use of a treadmill will be more than beneficial. Indeed, such a device offers you the opportunity to practice your favorite sport whenever you want while allowing you to go at the pace of your choice.

The treadmill, a good way to lose weight

For those who don’t know, using your treadmill frequently can allow you to evacuate a significant amount of fat. In other words, to lose weight. If you want to get rid of the extra pounds from your body, exercising on a treadmill is a great way to do it.

Indeed, this device will effectively contribute to your weight loss thanks to the different training programs it will offer you. You probably know how much physical exercise counts when embarking on such a project.

The good news is that you can do it with any model of treadmill available on the market. They are all very well suited to this. That said, whether or not you lose weight quickly will depend on the length of your exercise sessions and their intensity. So the last word is yours.

The treadmill, effective for burning calories

Like any fitness device, the use of the treadmill requires a good dose of energy on the part of the user. As we even experienced in our test of the best treadmill, exercising occasionally on a treadmill is a very good way to burn a few calories.

As for the quantity, everything will depend mainly on the exercises performed (slow, normal or fast walking or slow or fast jogging) their intensity and finally their duration. To expend as many calories as possible, you know what you have to do.

The treadmill, protects our joints against shocks

You may have traumatized your knee and/or ankle joints during an outdoor run. Indeed, this is a risk we take every time we leave our house to go for a jog. But did you know that with a treadmill, you will certainly preserve your different joints from these ailments?

While we were doing our comparison of the best treadmills, we found that most of the treadmills we came across were equipped with shock absorbers.

If you do not know, it is thanks to this main component of the device that when we train for walking or running that we do not hurt our joints. They are therefore very safe throughout our various training sessions.

You also don’t risk seeing your foot hit a stone or taking a bad step because of a hole in your course. All the conditions are met for your jogging to happen in the best possible conditions with your treadmill.

The treadmill, to improve your cardiovascular system

Exercising on the treadmill occasionally, regularly or intensively has a positive impact on the cardiovascular system. Indeed, like many other sports activities such as cycling, or swimming, running or walking brisk solicits the heart enormously.

Not to mention, that such an exercise also has positive effects on the breathing of the one who does it. He will breathe better and better after a few workouts. Simply because training on your treadmill improves tissue oxygenation.

As a result, by punctually practicing your brisk walk or running, you avoid certain cardiovascular diseases. Several physiotherapists share this opinion on the best treadmill.

Using the treadmill to gain endurance

Those who do not practice regular physical activity are quickly out of breath when it comes to making the slightest physical effort. If you notice after a few stairs you have difficulty breathing, it is a sign that you lack physical exercise. But don’t panic, it’s nothing insurmountable.

To regain your endurance of yesteryear as soon as possible and without making too much effort, we suggest you practice walking on a treadmill. Let your body get used to the starting pace before gradually switching to brisk walking.

As soon as you feel ready to move on to the running stage, you will be able to do it without any problem. Thus, if you encounter certain difficulties at the beginning of your walking exercises, it is quite normal. You must not give up. Persist because there are many benefits that can benefit your entire cardiovascular system and that will allow you to increase your endurance.

After a while you will no longer feel any fatigue even after running up the stairs that were blowing you out of breath in the meantime.

The treadmill, to refine your silhouette


As our Best Treadmill test showed us, when you run, you work two-thirds of your body’s muscles. A running session on a treadmill will help you strengthen your glutes, thighs and slightly arms. But that’s not all. During a treadmill workout, you can also make your calves and abs stronger.

This will result in making your body much finer since by regularly chaining exercises, you will end up eliminating a good part of the superfluous fat from your body. The effects will be even better if you practice on a treadmill equipped with a reclining system.

The treadmill, to track your daily progress

While working your muscles daily, the treadmill will allow you to follow the evolution of your performance. You will be able to know after a few days whether or not you evolve. Do not neglect this detail because it galvanizes to know that our efforts are not in vain especially when we are beginners.

The information is usually accessible on the edge screen of the carpet. You will be able to read the distance you have traveled and the number of kilocalories you have burned. Thus, it is possible for you to set new goals to achieve for the days to come.

The treadmill, a good way to relieve stress and be in a good mood

In accordance with the opinion on the best treadmill given by several users of this great device, running helps us get rid of stress whatever its origin. Indeed, while you exercise on your treadmill, you do not have time to think about the stressful things of everyday life.

The only thing you can only be focused on is the effort you are putting in. It is therefore a very effective way to change your mind or to let off steam and relieve pressure. You can therefore easily relax at the end of your exercise session on your treadmill.

The treadmill is not always bulky

One last thing you need to know about treadmills is that not all of them are bulky. Just like other fitness equipment, the treadmill also comes in a foldable model. If you were hesitant to buy it because of a lack of space, then you should turn to foldable models.

You can store them easily after use and free up some space in your apartment. Just a few minutes are enough to assemble them and put them away at the end of your exercise. But to do this, you must already own the device. We tell you in the next paragraphs of our comparison, test and opinion on the best treadmill, the right way to proceed to offer you a treadmill perfectly adapted to your needs.

How to choose the best treadmill?

When we are about to acquire a fitness machine, we often comment on the mistake of thinking that the best Fitness Cardio Bodybuilding machines are the most expensive ones in the market.

But during this comparison of the best treadmills, it appeared to us that the best treadmill we can afford is not necessarily the best performing of all. But rather the one that makes a very good compromise between features, features, performance and budget that we have.

Nevertheless, depending on the use to which we predestine our future treadmill, we will be called upon to privilege certain criteria to the detriment of others. That said, whatever your goal and your financial means, by following our advice, you can easily find the best model.

Ensure the weight limit supported by the treadmill

This is a very important data since to use your treadmill, you have to stand on it. If you weigh less than 100 kg, you don’t have to worry. All machines designed to allow you to practice running, are capable of supporting at least 100 kg. So the problem does not arise for you.

On the other hand, if your weight exceeds 100 kg, this is a good time to take it into account. Be aware that there are treadmills on the market made especially for heavy trucks. This category of carpet can support up to 150 kg of user weight.

However, during our test of the best treadmill, we found that for the treadmill to function properly, the weight limit tolerated by it must be at least 20% higher than your weight.

Ensure the quality of the weight of the treadmill

In general, treadmills that offer good stability to their users are the same ones that are relatively heavy. In addition, experience has shown that the heavier they are, the more durable they are. If you plan to make intensive use of it, you will necessarily have to set your sights on relatively heavy equipment. In case the surface of your apartment is not quite flat, it would be wise for you to favor treadmill models with level compensators. Thus, you will be able to better compensate for the inequalities of the soil and benefit from a very good stability.

Choosing the right speed of your treadmill

If you do not intend to use your machine sporadically and instead rely on regular or intensive use of your device, you would be making a bad choice by opting for a treadmill whose speed is limited to 12 km / h.

To succeed in your ambitious training, you need a treadmill with a minimum speed of 16 km/h. You can aim for more (20 to 25 km/h) by not losing sight of your training goal. However, be prepared to put the price it takes to have it.

Choosing the right length for your treadmill

This is one of the determining criteria of your choice. The taller you are, the more you need to take care of it. Not all treadmills offer the same tread length.

At the same time, if you get a treadmill equipped with a short running surface while you’re slender, you’ll tend to get off the treadmill during your run. For the simple reason that you will make during your race great strides. That’s why you need to make sure the tread length is right.

You will find on the market or in online shops treadmills with running surfaces ranging from 100 to 160 cm in length and 30 to 56 cm in width. So choose your treadmill according to your build.

Opt for a good cushioning system

At this level, simply remember that the more your treadmill has good cushioning, the better your joints will be. Some treadmill models even have a cushioning system that can be adjusted at will. You can therefore adjust them according to your tastes or needs.

Possibility or not to tilt the tread

The tilt system makes it possible to raise the difficulty of walking or running. A treadmill equipped with such a system will give you the same sensations that you feel when running down a slope. You’ll even have the option to adjust the tilt level to maximize difficulty. It all depends on your willingness to sculpt your figure and build muscle efficiently.

With or without LCD training screen

With an LCD screen, you have the possibility to follow your evolution and your performance live. Knowing them allows you to know whether or not you evolve. This can be a good source of motivation to achieve your goal.

Treadmill foldable or not

A foldable treadmill allows you to free up space in your apartment after your exercise session. If you don’t have enough space at home, this may be a good option for you. Or else the possibility is offered to you to move towards models equipped with roulette that can facilitate their movement from one place to another of the apartment.

Ease of assembly

You will find on the market treadmills that can be used systematically, that is to say that do not need to be mounted before being used. However, these models are not common. The most common are those requiring an assembly time of 30 to 60 minutes. So don’t neglect this detail if you don’t want to spend a lot of time putting your treadmill together before using it.

Choose according to your financial means and your goal

Treadmills, you will find all ranges in the trade. It goes without saying that the more you go upmarket, the more expensive the carpet will be. However, we draw your attention to the fact that if you plan to use it regularly, it is useless to invest a fortune in a professional treadmill. Refer to your objective to know concretely what choice to make.

How to use and maintain a treadmill?

To future-proof your running machine and get the most out of your exercise sessions, you need to know how to use and maintain it properly. You will find in this section of our comparator of the best treadmills everything you need to know to get there.

Here’s how to use a treadmill

After dressing properly (full jogging outfit), you can stand on your side. Do not climb on the running surface of the treadmill still standing. Set up the fitness machine by telling it how fast you want to start your workout. However, remember to always start at the lowest speed to warm up a little before moving on to the race stage. The warm-up can last three to five minutes.

Once you feel ready, throw in the tread of the treadmill. Climb on the tape using the arms of the console. As soon as you’ve found your rhythm, you can feel free to increase the pace. However, go gradually to let your body get used to the increasing effort you provide. Don’t rush yourself. If you go all out from the start, your efforts will be counterproductive.

As soon as you have a good command of this start-up procedure, you can then launch one of the many programs built into the dashboard of your treadmill. But be careful not to overdo it on the first day.

Here’s how to maintain your treadmill

One small thing you can do after each use is to disconnect your treadmill from the electrical outlet. It doesn’t sound like much, but it’s a gesture that allows you to make the device durable. To be even more beneficial to the equipment, it must be accompanied by cleaning.

Indeed, we advise you to clean your equipment after each exercise session. Only in this interval are the drops of sweat that have settled on the machine while you were exercising, are cleanable.

If you do not do this systematically, you run the risk of witnessing the progressive corrosion of your sports equipment. Which would be a real shame after the small fortune you have invested in it.

Use a water-soaked microfiber to clean the fitness machine after vacuuming it to dust it off.

The different types of treadmills

By browsing several online stores as part of this comparison of the best treadmills, we were able to identify two types of treadmills.

The treadmill

It is a carpet that, as its name suggests, is dedicated solely to walking. The carpets in this category stand out from the others by the speed of rotation of their treads which is particularly low. Thus, even if you run it at full throttle, you will only be able to walk since you will not be able to go beyond 7 or 8 km / h. Some models are even mechanical, that is, they are not motorized. In this case, it is the walker who turns the carpet while walking.

The treadmill

Unlike the treadmill, the treadmill is illustrated by the impressive rotation speed of its running surface, which can reach 25 km/h. As you can see, it is the ideal device for intensive training. Try it and you’ll understand why professional athletes only take a bite out of it.

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